How to create a Microjob on LocalZimbo

Enter your details

Fill in all the details:

  1. Enter the title of your Microjob. Its good to start with “I will”.
  2. You can type in the price of your microjob or select the up and down arrows.
  3. Enter the period of delivery. How long it will take you to carry out the services.
  4. Select the category of your MicroJob.

Add your images.

  • Click the + sign to add your image.
  • You can add up to 5 images for your microjob.
  • Do not add images for work by other people. It is advisable to add images of your actuall work.

  1. If you have videos of your work, enter the url of your video.
  2. If you would like to charge for extra services which are not included in your price, indicate the additional optional
    services and the price for the additional service.
  3. Enter the keywords which will be used to find you when people make a search. examples of tags for “House Maid” are:
    “domestic worker” “House help” are all keywords which are used to find the same thing.
  4. Enter the brief message about this gig which people will see before they click the profile. Your opening message
    must be compelling to entice buyers to choose you out of your competition.

Make sure you save your job. You can go on to create another job. You are able to create a maximum 5 jobs on Local Zimbo.